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AVL METAL POWDERS n.v. is a 4th generation family-owned company with decades of expertise! The company was founded in 1937 by André Van Lerberghe. We are experts in effect pigments and functional powders. Our metallic pigments and powders are a household name in the industry and are sold around the world through our global network.

Our production facility and headquarters are located in Kortrijk, BELGIUM, Europe. High quality, narrow specification, stability and consistency are the cornerstones of our production process. From our effect pigments, such as Gold Bronze pigments and Silver Aluminium pigments, to more functional powders, such as Aluminium powders, Copper powders and Zinc powders, we use an unique milling production process that sets us apart from the competition and gives added value to the end product. As a result we supply odourless and 100% pure powders, pastes, granulates.

We have an in house R&D department and laboratories that are committed to exceeding customer expectations. Our passionate staff is driven by innovation.

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