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Historic Competition services

HCS was formed to cater mainly for those who want to use their cars for what they were intended, ie. “Driving”   be that to and from the golf club or rallying and racing round the world, we are here to help you achieve your goals.
The staff at HCS have many years experience in the restoration, renovation, recreation and preparation of some of the world’s most exotic  and specialist vehicles.  From airworthy WW2 Aeroplane engines to race winning pre war grand prix cars and endurance rally cars, and just about everything in between.

Our specialty is perfection and getting it right the first time, your free time is important to us and we don’t want you to waste it messing about with your cars because they weren’t prepared properly or something breaking that could have been avoided with a small improvement in

design or materials when in our workshop.  There is no substitute for experience, and that’s what our highly trained team brings to the table every time we work on your project.

Your free time is the most expensive thing in the world, you only have it once and it is totally irreplaceable. Let us look after it for you by looking after your needs and making sure that every step is taken to help you enjoy that precious time to the full.

HCS we can offer the following top quality services, Restoration - Race and Rally preparation - Engine and Transmission upgrades and re-engineering - Gearbox design and manufacture - Engine component design and manufacture including castings and pattern making - Casting Repairs both welding and stitching -  Aluminium bodywork repairs, manufacture and design - Engine building - Servicing -  Rally and Race support - Transportation - Car Sales

There is no substitute for quality.   Let our team at HCS give you the best. 

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