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Khan International

What we do...

Worldwide trade of international brands. We offer the possibility of building European distribution for your brand. Within the BENELUX, we are one of the largest distributor of consumer goods and to hold strength and market share, Khan International acts as a purchasing platform buying in large volumes not only to meet customers demand but also to have the most competitive pricing on the market.

Who we are...

We are an innovative partner in worldwide trade of FMCG Products. We are Exceptionally efficient. We work with an international team of trade experts speaking various languages, offering full service and long-term cooperation built on solid values.

Why choose us...

We believe our core values of integrity, cheap prices, client satisfaction and high quality products differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on expanding and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction has created a culture where each of us delivers world class service every day. We actively change the long supply chain of FMCG market into more integrated marketplace, where you can find any product or supply your brand. We aim at shortening the length of the trade tube.

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