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V3 Lighting

V3 Lighting doesn’t sell lighting. We sell light. And hopefully, we sell enlightment.
Light, to us, is a combination of technology, art, functionality and convenience.
And enlightment? That’s knowing what to do with it.

V3 Lighting supplies light.
We provide solutions where others decline.
Any project worth realizing properly, deserves proper light. Properly designed, properly conceived, properly installed and properly operated.
V3 Lighting is your one stop shop to help you with all your projects lighting needs.

Our project orientated approach aims to supply you the best possible lighting result at the most affordable price.
V3 Lighting uses widespread available techniques, also integrates the latest cutting edge technology in new lighting fixtures designed around your projects requirements.
Light is not something you add to objects.
It is part of the object. Whether the object is a chair, a wall, a corporate headquarters or a railway station.
Light is not an afterthought, but an integral part of the design.
V3 Lighting makes sure your design is awarded with the best light possible.

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